Computing is important because its use is widespread in the modern technological world.  It is an important medium for learning and study at all educational levels. ICT is not taught as a discreet subject but is seen as a tool to be used as appropriate throughout the curriculum to support and enrich children’s learning. ICT experiences and outcomes are integrated throughout the school.

Our aims in using information technology are:

  • to teach computing skills as part of a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to the age and interests of the
  • to raise standards through the use of computing.
  • to enable the pupils to gain access to ideas and experiences to support their learning across the curriculum.
  • to equip the pupils to make informed judgements about when and where to use computing effectively.
  • to make children aware of age appropriate e-safety issues and ensure that all pupils and staff follow the
    guidelines for acceptable internet usage.
  • to ensure software is planned and progressive for teaching computing skills and for cross-curricular support.


Computing around our school

Internet Links

The school website has links to some Literacy and Numeracy website these can be found by clicking here. Some of these sites require .306 login information.