The aim of geography teaching at Elmwood Infant and Nursery School is to stimulate the children’s interest and understanding about the lives of people and the different places in which they live. Children learn how our environment affects all aspects of our lives, and also how the way we live affects our environment. Through Geography it is possible to encourage and develop the wonder children have about the world in which they live. By sharing experiences of children and families though observation, questioning and investigations children begin to develop an understanding of the environment in which we live, and knowledge the geographical features around the world. 

We teach Geography through the use of atlases, maps, artifacts, pictures, first hand experiences, ICT and visits. Children learn about where they live, the world and the environment, often comparing different localities with their own area. They also learn how to research information and how to interpret data. They use the skills they have developed in literacy, numeracy and ICT to report and record their findings. 

At Elmwood we celebrate the links that our families have with countries around the world. Where possible we use these links as starting points for our Geography topics and across all other curriculum areas. 

Geography around our school