At Elmwood, we aim to teach science in a practical and stimulating environment that builds upon children’s natural fascination with the world in which they live and their desire to find out more about the phenomena occurring around them. The opportunities provided for first hand exploration in our science teaching, develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of key scientific ideas and foster their curiosity, critical reflection, cooperation, problem solving, observation, independent learning, perseverance and open-mindedness. Through their interactive learning and practical investigations in science, the children develop their enquiry skills in questioning, predicting, observing, testing, recording and evaluating.

Through their learning across a wide range of different science topics, the children develop an understanding of the important role of science in everyday life, which allows them to develop confidently within a scientific society. As a Rights Respecting School, we also encourage children to link their learning in Science to their rights, for example making links between their science learning and their rights to healthy food, clean water and a safe environment. 

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