At Elmwood we believe that praise and encouragement for good work, good attitudes to work and good behaviour is the most effective way of ensuring good work, good attitudes to work and good behaviour. As well as praise and rewards we also have an agreed list of possible sanctions to help children try harder.

In our behaviour policy we agreed that we should aim to:

•    draw attention to children displaying the desired behaviour;
•    make statements about a situation rather than comments about behaviour;
•    comment on behaviour in a non-judgemental way;
•    use positive language and gestures;
•    keep reprimands short and quiet – avoid argument and confrontation;
•    communicate choices;
•    acknowledge conflict in the child;
•    ‘ask’ not ‘tell’;
•    when an incident has been dealt with, receive the child back into the class or group positively and warmly.

Our school’s Golden Rules are
– Be respectful and treat others’ as you would like to be treated.
– Be encouraging, helpful and considerate.
– Be sensible, truthful and always try your best
– Take care of our environment and our property.

School Policy Statement on Bullying

•    Bullying is defined as an act carried out by an individual or individuals to upset, harm or disrupt the happiness and well being of others.
•    Bullying takes many forms and is sometimes difficult to see or recognise. The best way to combat bullying is to create an ethos of trust and confidence in school in which the bullied feel secure enough to disclose and confident that others will take responsibility to act against the bullying.
•    We work to actively reduce and prevent bullying.  We discourage children from using bullying behaviour in school and talk with them about ways of resolving difficult situations without using violence or aggression.  Any child who is being bullied is encouraged to tell an adult in school.
•    Cases of bullying are taken very seriously and dealt with, initially, by the class teacher and/or the Headteacher or deputy.  If bullying persists the parents of all children involved are informed of the action taken.

You can download a full copy of the school behaviour policy on the school’s policy page.