School Lunch

Our current caterers – Olive Dining – started on Tuesday 18th April 2017.

A welcome letter can be read here.

The new three-weekly menu can be found below. 

NEWOlive Dining have an free app you can download to your smartphone or tablet to view the menus. Search for ‘Olive Dining’ on your devices app store. Further information can be found on the . Olive Dining Website

As an alternative to school dinners, parents may decide to send your child to school with a packed lunch. If you choose this option, please ensure all lunch boxes are clearly labelled with your child name.  We encourage parents to provide a nutritious and healthy meal. This requires a balance of food groups, including at least one portion of fruit or vegetables to meet one of their ‘five a day’

School milk, water and fruit:

Milk is available for children and has to be ordered on a termly basis. If you are eligible for free school meals then milk is also available free for infant children. We also encourage children to bring water to drink during the school day and fruit is supplied free for a snack during the morning break.