How skilled are staff in meeting the needs of my child?

An ongoing programme of training is in place to ensure that all teachers and support staff have appropriate skills and knowledge to support provision for children with SEN. Recent training has covered: 

• Meeting the diversity of needs likely in any mainstream classroom 
• Improving provision and support for children speech, language and communication difficulties
• Adapting adult talk
• SEN Reform Challenges and Opportunities
• Writing effective SEN Support Plans
• Promoting emotional literacy in schools 

Some staff have also had training in managing a variety of medical needs including diabetes, asthma, allergies and feeding disorders.

Our SENCO actively engages in a range of opportunities to share best practice and keep abreast of current local and national initiatives and policy to support pupils with SEN.The school also seeks advice and guidance from local special schools to review, evaluate and develop provision for pupils who have the most complex needs.

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