Special Mentions

Golden Assembly

Every Friday we have our golden assembly. This special assembly celebrates our special achievements. Children are nominated by their class teacher to celebrate their special achievements which have taken place during that week.

Week Ending: Monday 16th July


OShae – 
chosen by the children – for being a good friend who is kind.
Josiah – for working hard to improve his behaviour and his writing.

Dylan –
 chosen by the children – for being a good friend and for his wonderful writing.
Najma – for being so kind and considerate to everyone and working incredibly hard.

Zahra – chosen by the children – for being kind and a good friend.
Ananga – for always working had and being so nice to everyone.

Miray – chosen by the children – for always being kind and friendly.
Zayd – for always trying his best especially in writing. 

Year 1

– chosen by the children – for always working hard and being a good friend.
Rachel – for such great improvement in her writing and showing confidence. 



chosen by the childrenfor always working hard and always being sensible and kind.
Madihah – for always having a positive attitude and for being very friendly to the children and adults in the school.

Jessica – 
chosen by the children – for being a good friend and helping others.
Michael – for trying really hard in numeracy. 

Year 2

– chosen by the children for having a wonderful year in Penguins
Ashanti – for settling into her new class so well!

  chosen by the children – for trying very hard to make good choices.
Aima – for being a rights respecting role model all year!

Fabian – for working really hard, his writing is joined and neat and for always being kind and rights respecting
Keseana – for improved behaviour, positive attitude and focusing really well

Vaiga – for writing a good letter to a dinosaur.
Veushan – for being a good helper in class.

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