Special Mentions

Golden Assembly

Every Friday we have our golden assembly. This special assembly celebrates our special achievements. Children are nominated by their class teacher to celebrate their special achievements which have taken place during that week.

Week Ending: Friday 2nd February

Year 1

Dolphins – Aadhityan – for showing a big improvement in his concentration and in his writing. 

Sharks – Muhammad – for being a superstar working independently and making excellent choices. 

Seahorses – Arib – for brilliant reading and recognising lots of new words! 

Turtles – Angel – for trying really hard in Numeracy. She has made links with her learning to work out bonds to 20! 

Year 2

Penguins – Stas – for excellent writing about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Well done for using conjunctions! 

Ducks – Sherwin – for improved writing. Sherwin’s writing has capital letters, full stops and he wrote in the past tense! 

Owls – Hafsah – for always answering questions on the carpet and taking part in classroom discussions. 

Macaws – Elisa – for using interesting openers and a range of conjunctions in her writing about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.

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