Welcome to our Nursery

Sharing Books

Please help your child to change their book when they arrive in school each day.  When the book comes home please find time to share your book with your child.  Look at the front cover and ask your child what they think the book is about – can they guess?

If the book has lots of words read the story to your child and  ask them to tell you about it at the end; who was their favourite character?  What happened in the story? What was their favourite part of the story?

If the book only has a small number of words encourage your child to scan the text from left to write as you read and perhaps they could then repeat the text back to you, pointing to the words as they read.

If there are no words in the book ask your child to tell the story to you in their own words.

Please ensure your child looks after the book when it comes home; do not let your child draw in the book or tear the pages.


There are lots of exciting ways you can encourage your child to write and they don’t have to involve pencil and paper!

Put some flour (messy) or salt in the bottom of a baking tray and encourage your child to write some of the letters from their name using a finger or a brush. If they find forming the letters hard allow them to make marks and squiggles.  Don’t worry if the marks/letters are huge; your child will learn to make them smaller later when they have developed more pencil control!  Don’t be afraid to get your hands messy with your child and model writing for them.

If your child is keen on using pens and pencils to draw and write encourage them to draw you a picture and write their name on it.  Allow them to write you a story.  This may be a collection of random letters or squiggles.  Please encourage your child to read their work to you.  A variety of pens, crayons and pencils will make writing more stimulating for your child and you can purchase a cheap range of writing materials in Poundland or the 99p Store.

If you have access to a garden a pot of water and some old paint brushes are brilliant ways to encourage your child to write.  They can use the brushes to make huge marks and letters on walls and patios and it will disappear in a few minutes.  (It also means your patio can be cleaned for free!)


Numbers and shapes are all around us in the environment.  As you are walking to school with your child be on the look out for numbers on car registration plates, doors or drain covers.  Encourage your child to read the numbers and then show you the amount on their fingers.  Cars also provide a wealth of shapes to explore.  Again ask you child to tell you which shapes you can see on the car.
At home count stairs together as you walk up or down them, count the number of rooms in your house, count out how many plates, knives or forks you will need for dinner.
When it comes to tidying away toys count how many toys you are putting away together.

Some useful basic skills

Zipping their own coat
Please support your child to fasten the zip on their coat by themselves.  Allow them to have a go (even if they need lots of attempts!)
Here is a link to a video showing you and your child how to fasten their zip.  In the Nursery we do encourage the children to zip their coats by themselves.

Putting on a hat and gloves
Again please encourage your child to put their hat and gloves on by themselves.