Covid-19 (Information for parents/carers)

Elmwood Infant School and Nursery is now open to all pupils. Please send your child to school as normal.

We are keeping our school safe. Please click here to read our latest plans here on how we are keeping our pupils, staff and visitors safe. (Updated July 2021) – note that the gold font on this document are the most recent updates to our action plan.


If your child and/or a member of your household tests positive for Covid-19 please continue to let the school know either by phoning and speaking to someone –  020 8689 7681 – or emailing:
This is particularly important if you receive a result over the weekend.

If you or your child displays any of the main covid-19 symptoms a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a change or loss of taste you must book a PCR test and isolate for 10 days. We recommend booking a local test centre as the result will return to you usually in less than 24 hours. 

If the test comes back negative your child will be able to return to school, but this has to be a negative PCR test. 

Vaccinations are now available to all adults (Aged 18+) you can book online at:
Book or manage your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS.

You can use the same link if you are awaiting your second vaccination as you might be able to have it sooner. Having the second vaccination gives you 90%+ protection against the delta variant. 

There are many vaccination clinics which now allow you to have your 1st and/or 2nd dose without an appointment. Their times vary but you can often find the latest information on the Croydon NHS Twitter

The covid-19 vaccinations are safe, and suitable for all faiths. We encourage anyone to take up the vaccination when offered to keep your family and our community safe.

England is now in phase 4. This means that most laws surrounding Covid-19 have been removed.

As the delta variant is on the increase in the South East, we recommend that our community continues to wear a face mask in places which are difficult to social distance, for example, when using Public Transport, or closed environments with little ventilation. You will still be requested to wear a face covering when travelling on TfL (Bus, Tram, Overground) services and to enter most supermarkets after 19th July. 

If you are planning to travel this summer holiday, firstly please stay safe. Secondly please keep up to date with the latest advice on travelling including, if you are travelling overseas, the colour coded lists. Remember countries can be added to higher lists at any given time.

People covered by the amber list rules, who have been fully vaccinated with an NHS vaccine, will not need to quarantine on arrival in England or take a COVID-19 test on day 8. Children under the age of 4 will have no testing on return to the country. Children aged 5-11 will need to undertake a PCR test on the second day of returning, those aged 11-17 still need to complete a pre-departure test, and a 2nd day PCR test. All information is on the government website.

From 16th August, those who have been double vaccinated and requested to isolate due to being in contact with someone with Covid-19 will no longer have to do so. Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 regardless of vaccination status will still have to isolate. 

If you have a smart phone (such as an Apple iPhone, or Android device) then please think about downloading and using the free NHS Covid-19 app. This provides free and fully anonymous system to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 as well as provide the latest information to your phone. It is now available in many community languages too. 


Rapid Lateral Flow Tests (LFD) are available for anyone – even if you show no symptoms – to help keep the virus at bay, especially with variants spreading around the country. You can pick these up at local testing centres, pharmacies or get them delivered to your house.  For more information and to order visit the Government Website. 

If you are showing symptomsyou must isolate and take a PCR test

Home Learning

Remember to sign up and check in with our home learning services – EvidenceMe for Nursery & Reception and SeeSaw for Years 1 & 2. If you aren’t able to access these services then please speak to your child’s class teacher. 

If your child, or their bubble, has to isolate due to coronavirus then please download the relevant home learning packs below to support your child’s learning from home. If you have any questions then please contact us:

June Poster and flowchart parents and carers 17062021-page-002
Click for a larger version

We have produced this covid-19 ‘do’s and dont’s’ to help explain what to do if you, someone in your household or your child shows symptoms of covid-19. 

Attendance Information – Please take time to download and read our updated attendance policy for covid-19.

Remote Learning Policy – Please take time to read our updated (February 2021) Remote Learning Policy. 

Information Links (External)

Latest information from the NHS, including an online check to see if you or your child are showing symptoms of covid-19 and how to organise a free test. 

NHS Test & Trace App
Information on how to download the free, anonymous, NHS Test & Trace app for modern smartphones to help protect both our school and the wider community with the spread of covid-19. 

Latest information from the English government on covid-19. 

Is it a cold, flu or coronavirus?
An article from the BBC which explains the differences between having a cold, flu or coronavirus.