At Elmwood Infant School we provide a music curriculum that reflects our diverse community.  Every child has the opportunity to sing, play instruments and compose their own music, which supports their creative development.  Children listen to a range of music and are taught to appreciate and talk about what they have heard.  Often, children listen to music from the countries that their families have links with.  Performance is at the heart of our practice and children will have many opportunities to perform in front of audiences, developing the super skill of confidence.  As a Rights Respecting school we nurture children’s talents and abilities, encouraging them to be the best that they can be, not just in music, but all areas of the curriculum. 

As music is a communal activity there are lots of opportunities for children to make music in small and large groups.  Children in Reception and Nursey perform a nativity play and children in Years One and Two perform a range of songs to parents and members of the community.  We hold a weekly singing assembly for Key Stage One children where children perform a range of songs which reflect the school’s diverse make up.  Through songs and music children learn about music and musicians from their own and other countries.

There are extra-curricular clubs for our budding musicians; Year Two children can join the choir and are given the opportunity to perform to the parents on a termly basis.  Year Two children can also play the recorder, learning more in-depth skills such as reading music and performing in an ensemble.

Music around our school

Year 1 have created their own sound effects for the story ‘Peace at Last’.

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