At Elmwood Infant School we aim to develop a child’s knowledge, skill and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities, these activities include dance, athletics, gymnastics and games. Our intention is to make learning accessible and inclusive so that all children achieve their full potential including children with SEND.

A varied curriculum is in place to support this and we make links with other areas of the curriculum such as science, PSHE, music and numeracy. As a rights respecting school, we also encourage children to recognise their right to the best possible health which includes education on health and well-being so that children can stay healthy.

Physical Education promotes an understanding of their bodies in action and along with this we encourage children to think about the ‘Superskills’ they will need to apply during PE lessons such as communication, confidence, collaboration, independence, organisation and perseverance.


Children enjoy their PE sessions and are active throughout each lesson.  They recognise the impact of physical activity on their mental health and bodies and can talk about how it makes them feel and the importance of healthy living.  By the end of KS1 they should have improved fitness levels, be competent in the core skills and be physically ready for KS2.

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods;

  • professional dialogue with teachers
  • PE assessment sheets
  • Talking to pupils, interviews across the year group through written quotes or video.
  • Pupils have a voice within lessons to critique and feedback on their own and other’s performance using kind, specific and helpful comments.

Children in Foundation Stage are assessed within their physical development area of learning and their progress is tracked termly.


At Elmwood Infant School, provision in the Early Years allows children to be physically active and interactive. They are given opportunities to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. Children are taught the importance of being physically active and about making healthy choices in relation to food.

In KS1 we provide a PE curriculum which builds on progression and depth of skills through a series of lessons, this is taught using lesson plans from the PE Hub. Children take part in one or two PE sessions a week which aim to provide challenge and enjoyable learning through a range of activities such as games, gymnastics and dance. All the lessons are differentiated in order to meet the needs of all pupils.

Pupils are taught how to be safe and handle equipment safely within gymnastics and games. Within each lesson there are strong links to ‘Superskills’ which encourage the children to be confident, collaborate, be independent, organised and persevere as well as develop good communication skills.

Learning is differentiated and tasks are adapted to meet the needs of children with SEND through high quality inclusive teaching. Where possible we provide differentiated resources to support the delivering the curriculum.

Pupils are given opportunities to take part in activities outside of their normal PE lessons such as lunchtime football and fitness club and sensory circuits.

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