At Elmwood Infant School, we believe good behaviour is based on mutual respect. This starts from the moment the child enters school in the way that adults interact with the children, children interact with adults and the way children interact with each other.  Through our behaviour policy we aim to promote a positive learning environment in which each person is valued and respected for their cultural and linguistic backgrounds, gender, faith, class, ability, sexuality and age.

The aims of our behaviour policy are:

  • To ensure that the conduct of all members of the school community is consistent with the values of the school.
  • To make Elmwood an interesting, enjoyable, safe, secure and caring environment for children’s learning.
  • To develop and foster mutual respect between adults and children, children and children and children and adults and adults.
  • To build up self-esteem and self-worth by developing positive abilities and attitudes.
  • To provide a structure in which children, staff and families know what is expected of them and to work in partnerships with parents / carers to help children develop self-discipline and strategies to successfully manage their own behaviour and take responsibility for their actions.
  • To ensure that children’s learning and progress is not interrupted due to another child’s inappropriate behaviour.
  • To protect and respect the environment.
  • To be listened to and to listen to others.

Please see our behaviour policy for more details.

Anti – Bullying School Policy Statement 

At Elmwood Infant and Nursery School we are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our pupils so that they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.  Bullying of any kind is unacceptable in our school. If bullying does occur, all pupils should feel safe to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. As a UNICEF Rights Respecting school, pupils are taught that they have rights and with those rights, come responsibilities. We recognise that rights and responsibilities are equally balanced and encourage our children to take responsibility for their actions in order to develop an awareness of how they affect the rights of others.  These rights are taken from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Children have the right to be protected from conflict and cruelty and they have the responsibility to ensure other children are kept safe and are protected from harm.  Our Anti-Bullying Policy takes its place within the general aims and principles which underpin our school. It has close links to the PSHE, Safeguarding, Child Protection, Behaviour, Anti-racism, equality and PSHE policies.

Our Anti-Bullying Policy can be downloaded here.

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